Warp Speed Fat Loss

Warp Speed Fat Loss: A Fast Way to Lose Weight and Look Better

The Warp Speed Fat Loss program guarantees fast weight loss — up to 20 pounds in 28 days, and it promises that you only have to diet for those 28 days. Short workouts seem to be all the rage and this strategy offers them with a full meal plan. The program was formulated by Mike Roussell, a nutrition specialist, and Alwyn Cosgrove, a fitness instructor, and combines the meal plan with an interval training program. There are supplemental materials to push it to the extreme in either super low calories or ultra fat burning workouts, and there is even a vegetarian option, which is one thing most other popular diet plans right now are lacking.

The main selling point of the plan, according to the creators, is that their combined expertise ensures that the program isn’t focused primarily on exercise OR diet, but on both equally. As far as diet, this system places an emphasis on timing of food. It’s a traditional low calorie, high fiber plan, but the emphasis is on when different foods are consumed to optimize the thermal index to maximize calorie and fat burning.

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The exercise component uses resistance training to build muscle and boost metabolism, combined with intense interval training to burn calories. The focus is on maximizing weight loss and appearance, as you can see from the add-ons and bonuses, like “Ripped and Ready” to carve out a fast six-pack or “The Great Unveil,” which teaches you how to manage water and sodium to make the most out of your weight loss.

The focus of Warp Speed Fat Loss is clearly on appearances. It’s a tough regimen, and not intended to be a life change or long term fix. The program is meant for people who already know how to lose weight and work out, but need to get rid of the last stubborn pounds before a big event. It’s not meant for people who are losing weight to be healthy and live long lives or for those looking for a way to have a positive relationship with food and exercise while reaching a healthier weight. So, the means will definitely reach a short-term end, but for real answers, it’s not quite that ambitious.

Visit the Warp Speed Fat Loss website

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