The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet: A Radical Way to Redefine Your Body

The Xtreme Fat Loss diet is the radical plan of nutrition and fitness expert Joel Marin. It touts results of 25 pounds in 25 days if the system is followed. Broken down, it is a 5 day cycle repeated 5 times. Marin’s solution to the fast weight loss conundrum is ‘synergy,’ which is made up of several principles. The first is that fasting can create the massive calorie deficits necessary to lose weight. Secondly, the cheat days help people to stick to their diet and still lose weight. Finally, timing nutrients and workouts to when the body is most likely to burn fat and build muscle increases the chances to lose weight.

Each of the 5 days has a particular nutritional and workout focus. A shake day is combined with strength training to offset some other more intense workouts. Fast day is very low calorie and requires serious workouts, which burn a lot of calories. There is also a high carbohydrate day, which uses a very high metabolic workout speed up your metabolism. Finally, there is a high protein day. Each day is codependent on the others. Fast day should come after cheat day to give the extra energy to exercise with little food. Protein day follows carbohydrate day to feed your muscles after the big workout. It also helps to burn off everything you need in time for cheat day.

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Cheat day is one day of every cycle where you can even eat things like pizza or sugary desserts. The fattier foods of that cheat day are supposed to increase leptin, which promotes weight loss, and is absent in normal diets when you cut out the heavy indulgences. Also, the psychological benefits of knowing you have a day to eat as you want every week are huge to dieters who are struggling.

Joel Marion’s program also asserts that the synergy created increases your metabolism so much that you do not have to worry about rebound weight. Xtreme Fat Loss diet is no misnomer and will show results through a shock to the system in both diet and exercise. It may be a little difficult to adhere to for someone with a full time job, but if you can stick to it and have the time, results will likely follow.

Visit the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet website

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