The 1000 Calorie Challenge

The 1000 Calorie Challenge: A Hard Road to Great Success

The 1000 Calorie Challenge is pretty self-explanatory.  It was created by Arnel Ricanfranca and Joel Marion. It combines 1,000 calorie diet days with 1,000 calorie burning workouts. This system is what they call R-quattro, which simply means, it revolves around their 4 R’s: Reps, Rest, Resistance and Rounds. These are for every workout and broken down to optimize each one and progress to the next level — more reps, shorter rest between each set, more weight or resistance, and more rounds, or completions of your whole circuit.

The creators of the Challenge assert that finding the optimal mix of R-quattro for every workout, and progressing with each day, will burn an enormous amount of calories, up to 1,000 every time you exercise, if you stick with it. The program is very complex and involves a great deal of calculating and recording during and between workouts. The workouts themselves are not difficult and can be catered to your level but may be very time consuming for the average busy individual looking for a weight loss plan.

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That being said, the workouts are difficult and will get harder and longer every day if you seriously follow the program. Anyone can start with 20 reps, a full 60 seconds between sets, and 1-2 minutes between rounds, for 2-3 rounds. There are weight lifting moves, like shoulder presses and ‘Super Hero’ lifts, floor work focusing on gluteal and core muscles, plyometrics, jumping lunges, squats and more. All are detailed in the plan and have beginner, intermediate and advanced versions.

According to user testimonials, accompanying pictures and reviews, the results are fairly drastic. Of course, changes will necessarily depend on how long you can do it and your diet as well. The exercise involved is seriously challenging, but the plan is fairly simple and the program comes with log books, checklists, journals, and an exercise book with pictures, audio and more. There are definitely plenty of support items to keep you going or to keep your workout interesting.  If you can commit the time and energy, both physical and mental, to the 1000 Calorie Challenge, you will see results, lose weight, look better and feel stronger.

Visit the 1000 Calorie Challenge website

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