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: William Vitale, M.D.
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About MediFast: Founded in 1980 by William Vitale, M.D. Dr. Vitale sold his products to doctors who then prescribed them to patients who needed to lose weight. Today, the majority of the products are produced in Owings Mills, Maryland, and sold directly to their customers. Forbes Magazine named MediFast the Number One Small Company in America in 2010.


MediFast has been available since 1980 and is recommended by more than 20,000 doctors. This diet program was originally designed as an aid to patients needing to lose weight before undergoing surgery. Presently it is being used safely by diabetics due to its low glycemic index.

Continued testing and research makes specially developed meal plans available, allowing most people to use this program for fast weight loss.  All meals are prepared offering the correct balance of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Gluten-free meals can also be found, as well as vegetarian meals and meals for people with other food restraints.

Many organizations using this weight-loss system offer various types of support to their clients. Online support groups offer understanding and support. Visiting a weight-control center for information and counseling can help ensure your success in losing weight. You can also consult with your doctor for information and recommendations.

Diet and Food Choices

The pre-packaged meals are prepared to ensure you lose weight and inches quickly, without losing nutrition essential to your health. You can lose between 2 and 5 pounds a week and also learn ways to eat nourishing foods that keep you healthy. And, because you are eating healthy foods you will not lose necessary muscle tissue.

These meals are shipped directly to you. Choose from specially priced products or your own preferences in food and taste. MediFast is committed to providing top-quality food at a reasonable price. There are a large assortment of hot and cold drinks and a variety of other foods available. More than 70 different foods have been created to ensure you get all the vitamins and essential nutrients needed to lose weight and remain healthy.

This diet program is simple and easy. It is based on a “5 & 1 Plan” combination. You eat five pre-packaged meals and one ‘Lean and Green’ meal per day. The Lean and Green meal is prepared by the person dieting, using lean meat such as fish, chicken or turkey and non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. This meal can be prepared and eaten whenever you wish during the day. Generally, you will be eating once every two-to-three hours. This method ensures that you will always feel satisfied and be less inclined to want to snack throughout the day.


In order to stay healthy, any successful weight-loss program must include exercise as part of the program. With this weight-loss program, you should start with light exercises and progress to exercising on a regular basis. Anyone wanting to be healthy and in good physical shape should have a plan for physical exercise as well as a good diet program. Some exercises will tone and firm you as you lose weight. Exercise will also increase your metabolic rate, which helps you burn fat more quickly. Between a healthy nutrition program and a basic exercise program you will lose weight and look great.

Maintenance of your Weight Loss

Studies have shown that approximately 85% of people who diet and lose weight will gain back the weight, and sometimes more, during the following year.

A transition program has been developed to help prevent the regaining of weight already lost. After reaching your desired weight, you will spend several weeks reintroducing healthy foods into your diet as you eat fewer of the pre-packaged meals. You will learn how to maintain your appropriate weight and following the principles of good nutrition, to control your food portions and live a healthy lifestyle.

Cons of the Program

Pre-packaged meal replacements are not the same as home-cooked meals. Many people don’t care for pre-packaged food and will have to get used to this plan. However, the Lean and Green Meals allow you to have home-cooked meals on a regular basis.

Many people want to lose weight without the inclusion of exercise in their program. If you do not presently exercise, start out slowly and work up to exercising on a regular basis. Exercise is necessary for a healthy life and you should try to maintain regular exercise even once you are at your desired weight.

A number of people enjoy face-to-face meetings when they are trying to lose weight. This keeps them motivated. If you feel you need support, or a counselor, try to find a support group in your neighborhood or city. Some people find it difficult to maintain the lifestyle changes they learned once they leave the program. Maintain contact with your support group. This is an important step in enabling you to maintain a healthy eating and exercise program.

Conclusion and General Rating

This is one of the top-rated diet programs presently available. It is a safe and successful way to lose weight fast, and is effective for almost everyone. The program not only helps you lose weight and eat healthy foods, it aids you in maintaining your beneficial eating habits once you leave the program. Numerous testimonials from people who have used this program indicate that it is a safe, healthy, and effective way to lose weight.

The transition period helps to prevent regaining weight. Once you have reached your desired goal, several weeks will be spent re-introducing a regular diet with healthy foods to prevent you from reverting to old habits. You should be able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for many years.

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