Low Fat Diets

Low Fat Diets Are the Long Term Solution for Weight Loss

Low fat diets are the tried and true method in the diet world. They are the most respected by nutritionists and physicians, and they have worked for everyone who has stuck to them. They are also the least glamorous and flashy. They are not necessarily easy, and do not boast super dramatic results. Reducing the fat in a person’s diet is one step towards a healthy diet for weight loss, heart health and mental acuity by reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and more. Reaching and maintaining an ideal weight by cutting out some fat and adding exercise is the optimal solution.

No food is permanently off limits, so cravings can be satisfied, although with a steady blood sugar level, cravings will be diminished. No food group is eliminated as a whole, so people can eat out without too much restriction or expense. There is no serious counting of calories because fat is usually very dense and concentrating on fat reduction will naturally lead to a significant calorie reduction.

Eating a low fat diet is more satisfying than cutting out all carbohydrates or meats or sweets, and it is much easier to manage if the dieter stocks the house with healthy options. Almost everything comes in a low fat version for things you don’t want to cut out entirely, like yogurt and cottage cheese. But the balance is in making healthy choices, not just buying things that say low fat.

The regulations that govern the labeling are unclear and it’s hard to tell exactly what the consumer is getting. Mastering a low fat diet takes dedication and creativity to be successful. If a person is craving a Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, one can hurry home and make his own with skin milk and fat free whipped cream, saving 20 grams of fat, which could be half of the day’s allowance. Little switches will add up in the grams of fat saved, with similar tastes so the dieter doesn’t feel like one is missing out. A good idea is to always keep plenty of prepared fruits and vegetables on hand in case of a craving for sweets or salt.

If a person is consistent and dedicated with little swaps and some big switches like getting rid of butter and mayonnaise, the weight will come off gradually but stay off. All of the same flavors and tastes can be imitated, and many popular chefs today cook with all low fat options, or at least have a version of their recipe that cuts out saturated fats and adds some extra fruits or veggies.

Eventually, a low fat diet will become second nature and the results will be reaped in terms of appearance and clothing size. But the real benefit will be seen at the next doctor’s appointment as so many aspects of health and longevity are helped with a low fat diet. Add a commitment to exercise and there is no stopping the potential for weight loss and body transformation, adding to the level of fitness and health.

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