Holy Grail Body Transformation

The Holy Grail Body Transformation

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program was developed by best selling author and self-proclaimed ‘Body Transformation Expert’ Tom Venuto. The plan starts off with the assumption that you can lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously, which is the Holy Grail for body transformation. Venuto combines both the muscle building and fat losing techniques, and puts them together in a comprehensive plan that is for people who are truly committed to accomplishing the elusive goal.

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The Holy Grail system works wholeheartedly at nutrition as well as exercise. The focus of the eating aspect is on timing of nutrients, eating of different foods, and diet cycles. It’s not an eating plan to go with working out, but an eating plan meant to harness principles of still emerging science. It is meant to optimize energy and metabolism for each day, and in the bigger picture of weeks, months, and eating for life. To help, foods are used strategically for the regulation of hormones and chemicals in the body to retain muscle and lose fat.

The eating patterns are meant to facilitate a process called “energy partitioning.” This is “calories in vs. calories out” and forces the body to make protein into muscle while taking calories away from fat. Then there are post-workout nutrition plans, plans for eating carbohydrates strategically, including reduction, meal plans, calorie counters, and recipes.

Choosing the right goal, and thereby the right plan, for your transformation is one simple part of the plan. There are exercise plans, including weightlifting circuits, tips, and tricks. The plan does allow cardio, but you have to read about how to do it the right way or you will end up weak and flabby.

The plan seems solid, but it is very complex. It’s worked for many, but it is a complete overhaul of your life and hopefully of your body as well. For someone who needs a step by step guide through life and weight loss or body changes, the Holy Grail Body Transformation is definitely something to look into if you have the time, serious commitment and scientific acumen to be able to make sense of all of the terms and equations.

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