Every Other Day Diet

The Every Other Day Diet: Okay For Those Who Want to Lose Every Other Pound

The Every Other Day Diet (‘EODD’) was created by Jon Benson. The plan is based on ancient eating habits, in times when no one was obese. He attributes our problem now to useless carbohydrates and a daily eating plan that incorporates the same foods and calories every day. Benson says the key to reshaping your body, and especially losing stubborn belly fat, is to vary your diet every single day. He says proponents call it the cheat to eat diet. It works by changing what you eat or don’t eat on a daily basis.  You even have to include favorites like pizza and burgers.

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Calorie counting is forbidden. Instead of counteracting emotional eating he tries to reformulate it so you see food as a friend. You kind of fool your body into losing weight by varying your daily calories. In the beginning, the plan is flexible but still loosely defined.  The program is based on calorie cycling, which keeps your body guessing. By not severely restricting calories, your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and you can still lose weight without further cutting calories.

EODD starts with a couple of days of eating a little more than your body needs, which is probably what you were already doing if you are trying to lose weight. Then you eat less for 2 days, more again for one, less for two. By the end of the week, you still are below the total of calories you would have needed for the week and you lose a pound or two. And EODD keeps going. There are five different diet and eating plans to help you keep the variances in check

He also avows that long-slow cardio is not helpful for fat loss and you need to focus on using your stored body fat to fuel your body all the time and doing exercise in intense short bursts to maximize your metabolism and fat burning while taking in fewer calories overall.

The program is logical on some levels, but not always on others. It still seems pretty imprecise and not completely rational. It just might confuse your system after all because trying to do the math will certainly confuse you. If you need a boost, the Every Other Day Diet does guarantee money back if you don’t see results. If it works, it could be time efficient and pretty economical, but not exactly family friendly or great for anyone on a strict schedule or who lives with a picky eater.

Visit the Every Other Day Diet website

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