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Will You Choose to Believe You Deserve to Lose Weight with Eat Stop Eat?

With so many diets and eating plans on the market saying nearly the same thing, the Eat Stop Eat (‘ESE’) diet is a little different. Brad Pilon’s plan uses, “flexible, intermittent fasting as a style of fasting for weight loss and body fat burning.” The plan bypasses the popular rule of eating many small meals throughout the day, dismissing it as being meant for bodybuilders. It discredits the widespread belief in the diet industry that too little food will put your body into panic mode, which forces you to hold on to all of the calories you do eat. ESE actually asserts that the so called ‘starvation mode’ doesn’t even exist.

ESE’s plan was created by Brad Pilon, who was educated in nutrition and very involved in the research of the diet and weight loss industry. The first question asked is whether the reader will choose to believe they deserve to lose weight. The plan labels itself an ‘anti-diet’ and suggests the reader fast for 24 hours twice a week to maximize health benefits like weight loss, increase in growth hormone, and loss of fat, while retaining muscle,

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The advantages of ESE are pretty plentiful. There is no constant need to balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It’s flexible and doesn’t have off-limits foods or expensive, strange specialty foods. There are no special drinks or supplements. There is no worrying about mega-servings of protein. ESE adjusts to your way of eating, not the other way around. All in all, it is pretty simple and the book contains 200 pages of helpful and easy recipes.

The disadvantages are fairly obvious. You don’t eat 2 days a week, every week. It’s hard for the average person to tell if they are losing fat or muscle. And working out on fasting days doesn’t seem attractive to the average person. Exercise, especially interval training, is suggested, as are long walks for mental and physical health. Regardless, to people who have been struggling and want to jump start their weight loss, Eat Stop Eat is a pretty eye-catching option made by someone with a lot of experience in the industry from both a research and application angle.

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