Diets that Work

Diets That Work Require Commitment to Healthy Living and Dedication to Exercise

Finding diets that work fast is not hard. Diets are a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States and there is a diet to do almost anything. For now, the focus is on weight loss. Again, at the outset, almost any diet will result in shedding pounds. This happens mainly because of a reduction in calories. A high protein diet, such as Venus Factor, cuts out high calorie carbohydrates and equals an automatic deficit of a pound or two a week. One that cuts out fat and increases vegetables also results in calories going down.

Also, any diet that increases fruits and vegetables increases dietary fiber and will result in an almost immediate loss of water weight. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins all take enormous amounts of water to digest and process from start to finish. Fruits and vegetables also require water to digest, but they also contain water in them. The system is flushed out and water weight will go with it. A diet with less meat and processed foods will also greatly reduce salt intake and water that was being held in a person’s body will also be freed and flushed. Cleanses and fasts obviously will work because they are severe deprivations of food and fluid, which will result in weight loss.

But eventually, people will find drastic diets difficult to sustain, either because they are really missing their favorite foods, or continue to be hungry. They miss being able to eat socially, with family or out with friends. They miss being happy during a meal, not just during a weigh in. They need to be able to enjoy their food and their choices. Successful diets are the ones that focus on moderation; they aren’t based on deprivation or starvation. Diets that allow people to have a little bit of almost everything are the ones that will succeed long term, although the weight loss is not drastic or fast.

All of the top nutritionists and diet experts endorse the theory that sustained weight loss is achieved with a loss of no more than 2-3 pounds per week. Simple changes in a diet can lead to enough calories being lost. Changes can include picking different ways to cook, like grilling instead of frying, or steaming instead of sautéing. Substituting sorbet for ice cream is another small change with huge ramifications. Making better choices like these, whenever possible, will make any diet more successful.

Diets will achieve victory when they are necessarily accompanied by an active lifestyle. People who are active in sports, regular runners, yoga enthusiasts, or gym rats will be much more successful with their diets. Consistent workouts will make a dieter more motivated to stick to the healthier eating plan; they can then see the changes in both waist size and the strength of their muscles and heart. Most diets are based on the ability to deliver the fast change in body shape, but they cannot be sustained. Diets that work give results that last and show hard work and dedication to healthy eating and exercise.

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