Diets for Women

Diets for Women That Fit Their Clothes and Schedule

When people think of the word diet, usually an image of women chewing celery and carrots in the corner, and watching while everyone else eats the best food comes to mind. The best food in this case being fatty, rich foods that aren’t really great for anyone, like fried chicken, double cheeseburgers, cheese fries, pizza, and hot fudge sundaes. Girls and women are raised knowing that they can’t eat like boys or men. As women age, surviving on lettuce and water gets harder as they seek to be breadwinners, business owners, mothers, and activists.

Women right now do way more than they ever have in the past, but the pressure is still on to look good and fit into the skinny dress and high heels that society has chosen for them to wear. And women are athletes just as often as men, and not just those in the Olympics and the Women’s National Basketball Association. Women compete in physical fitness competitions, run triathlons and marathons, and lift weights to win, as well as to stay fit. So the diets for women have also had to change. Women want the most bang for their dietary buck — foods that give them energy and vitamins to deal with the day but not add to their waistline, blood pressure or cholesterol.

In the multibillion dollar diet industry in the United States, there are so many diets aimed at the insecurities of women. Most women, when asked, would have tried at least 10 fad crash diets and some sort of wacky, but maybe effective supplement. They have tried diets with shakes, 3 day diets, weird cabbage soup diets, no carbohydrate or low fat diets, and a fast or a cleanse. Maybe they have even seen the celebrity endorsements and tried Jenny Craig, Nutri-System or Weight Watchers.

The successful women, who look great and are happy with their diet or eating plan and weight, will all have some things in common. They will have found a place somewhere in the middle of all of these plans. They have found what works with their time and commitments. They also have a lifelong commitment to being healthy for themselves and their loved ones through healthy eating and exercise.

Most often, successful diets for women will be well-rounded with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fiber and healthy protein from lean meats, fish or beans and soy products. A balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and fat in general will be what you find. It won’t be a perfect diet and it will be one you can sustain on the road, with some sushi, a yogurt or a salad.

They will have a kitchen with plenty of healthy options and very little processed food. They drink plenty of water, but a glass of wine every now and then as well. Sweets and fats are kept minimal, but a stash of heart healthy dark chocolate is not ruled out. The best diets for women are low fat, high fiber, rife with greens, healthy lean proteins and a lot of wiggle room, accompanied by exercise 5-7 times a week.

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