Combat the Fat

Combat the Fat With Military Muster

Combat the Fat is a diet plan created by trainer and U.S. armed forces veteran Jeff Anderson. The plan and its lessons purport to be based upon the training and eating habits of the U.S. military. It is supposed to maximize fat burning with a plan that will change your life. It provides many diet tips, myth busters and new methods for weight loss.

The most shocking part is the exercise program that is outlined in the book. It is difficult and meant to jolt the system into losing 2-4 pounds a week, but is more manageable when you find out it only has to be done 3 times per week. Although the workout is hard, it’s also streamlined for maximum effectiveness in minimal time. You can do the exercises at home or at the gym, which make it economical as well. One of the key elements of the plan is to increase muscle mass to equally contribute to diet modification in reaching optimal weight loss.

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The plan lets you understand and feed your cravings. Why you want something and how to eat it while still losing weight are great selling points, and a way to reduce the initial anxiety that many feel when starting a weight loss plan. The plan and Jeff Anderson utilize military methods and language to format a combination of effective eating, exercise and behavior modification that really aren’t radical or hard to manage. He successfully addresses the prevalence of the thinking that it is okay to fail and makes it less attractive by pointing out the benefits of success.

The in-your-face military attitude of the plan and its creator may be a bit much for the average person seeking weight loss help. The irony is that the ‘okay to fail’ mentality prevails before the reader even tries the plan. There is a money back guarantee after 8 weeks and a free 5 day trial program that the skeptical dieter can download for free.

The workouts might seem hard at first, but not too hard to incapacitate someone. Combat the Fat is a great system for busy, on-the-go people who need direction and structure to be whipped into shape with fast and obvious results.

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