Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Does The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Program Really Work?

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a comprehensive guide to losing weight and building muscles created by the famous nutritionist and bodybuilder Tom Venuto.

The program details the aspects of losing fat together with proper nutrition. Understanding proper meal combinations during the training program, knowing nutritional facts, including why, and learning the physical exercises that need to be performed for muscle enhancement are some of the benefits you get with this program.

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The book will guide you in setting your goals and identifying your body type to help you plan your diet and select the appropriate the proper exercise routines. The author then advises you on your eating habits, especially what and what not to eat during the process of trying to lose weight. As an alternative to solid food, he also discusses the need for food supplements, and the types, during the weight loss and muscle building programs.

A very important aspect of this book is that the author had developed his plans for losing weight while beefing up your muscles at the same time. Unlike other weight loss programs where you only lose weight, here you will develop and increase muscle mass as your body fat is burned. To achieve this, there are organized sets of cardio and weight training exercises.

The advantages of the program are numerous. It is comprehensive and explains how your body processes, and reacts to, carbohydrates and proteins to give you a very good idea of what to eat and why. The program is based on his past personal experiences, and the experiences of others, making it an account of many people who have really done this before.

However, the sheer volume of information written on 341 pages can be quite daunting to some people who do not have ample time to read. Also, the majority of the book focuses on those who are exercising or building up their muscles rather than those whose only concern is to lose weight.

What makes Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle different is that during the process of losing weight, your lost body mass is replaced by firm muscles making you feel stronger and more energetic.

Visit the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle website

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